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Friday 14 June 2024
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Zootechnics cattle division
Systems and accessories for modern zootechnics
Automatic cattle yokes
Model: “Plus”
Functional and silent, ideal also for above average size cows. Increased rocker arm opening. Capture systems with opposing ratchets
Model: “Antisoffoco-Salvavita”
An exclusive system developed from the experience with traditional capture systems and the collaboration of our customers: currently the only one available on the market, a capture system boasting increased rocker arm opening facilitating the entrance and exit of the animal’s head.
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Model: “Liberty”
A French idea, original, versatile for all types of cow, economic and built using 5-metre crop ends (6, 7, 8 heads).
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All OMVE automatic capture systems
are fitted with individual yokes.
Model: “Vitelli” (Calves)
Designed for calves and young bullocks using the same idea and comfort of adult animals. Adjustable both in height and width.
Zootechnics cattle division
Resting stall dividers
Auto cattle catchers
Cleaning systems
Hidden unit
RSV Pulling unit
Oil-pressure units
Storage and treatment of effluents
Gates, enclosures and bars
Drinking troughs
Rotary brushes
Calf cages
Weaning cubicles
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