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Monday 22 July 2024
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Zootechnics cattle division
Systems and accessories for modern zootechnics
“Made-to-measure” Projects
OMV is a leading company specialised in offering a comprehensive design and construction service of modern and customised zootechnical centres.
A constant of the company philosophy is that each project must be “made” to measure to meet the customer’s every specific need, each particular environment condition, and offers animals an ideal habitat both in 50 head and 1,000 head breeding farms.
While the trend in world development of dairy zootechnics is in constant growth in terms of breeding farm sizes, sometimes duplicating, or tripling the number of heads, the importance placed on health checks imposed by the increasingly restrictive legislative standards has increased.
These factors, combined with an increase in structure costs, emphasise the need for serious and expert planning and design, which considers and satisfies any company developments over a medium-long term.
Nothing is more risky than investing in inefficient structures due to incorrect planning.
Too often, planning that does not allow for the possible integration of new structures or equipment, causes enormous problems in the future.

Great experience

The team of engineers working at OMV, have concentrated on these problems for many years and in numerous cases has designed and developed new ideas, innovative structures and equipment capable of preventing and resolving all specific problems presented by today’s high production dairy cow breeding farms.
Less stress for the animals
A perfect design only stems from reliable zootechnical knowledge.
The team of designers at OMV makes use of contributions from expert zootechnical professionals with a perfect understanding of the needs, habits and preferences of high production cows.
OMV is therefore capable of constructing ideal habitats for every kind of breeding farm, location and climate, ideal cattlesheds for comfort, health and cleaning, which ensures less stress for the animals and subsequently increasing profits for the breeder.
Less stress for the customer
With the operative capacity of OMV, each realisation grows in the times planned, more quickly, without any misunderstandings and with a lot less stress for the customer.
Together with the design, supply, and assembly of the structures, OMV offers a series of services ranging from helping in choice, negotiating the supply of support, and supervising the works or the “turn key” delivery of the entire manufactured product.
The best partner to work with
OMV’s many years of experience means it is able to formulate solutions for:
- Renovating old cattlesheds with more efficient equipment;
- Increase breeding from 60 to 120 heads;
- Constructing from scratch a breeding farm of thousands of heads;
- Constructing systems for the storage and treatment of effluents.
Zootechnics cattle division
Resting stall dividers
Auto cattle catchers
Cleaning systems
Hidden unit
RSV Pulling unit
Oil-pressure units
Storage and treatment of effluents
Gates, enclosures and bars
Drinking troughs
Rotary brushes
Calf cages
Weaning cubicles
Bale holders
Manufactured products
Free stabling cattlesheds
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