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Friday 23 February 2024
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OMV since 1955
OMV was founded in 1955 with the name “Anfor” di Vezzani & Benatti.
From its founding, the company is dedicated to the production and sale of steel fittings, clamps, and zootechnical equipment.
In 1966, the company took on its current name and trademark, while over the course of the years it has strengthened its continual development thanks to an increasing widespread expansion both on the national and international market.

Today, the company exports to 50 countries around the world and takes part in important trade fair events both at home and abroad.

OMV represents a solid reference point for satisfying every agricultural, farming and industry need providing a wide range of products and services. To the ever increasing demand for expertise and professionalism we have three fundamental requirements:
- experience
- seriousness
- collaboration.
Our sales turnover achieved over the last few years by our three divisions: zootechnical, irrigation, accessories.
A perfect design only stems from reliable knowledge acquired with years of experience “in the field”.

The team of designers at OMV consists of expert professionals with a perfect understanding of the problems arising in the zootechnical and irrigation sectors.
Capable, therefore of creating an ideal habitat for every kind of farming, as well as ball joints and accessories for irrigation and drainage.

With the operative capacity of OMV, each realisation grows in the times planned, more quickly, without any misunderstandings and with a lot less stress for the customer.
Together with the design, supply, and assembly of the structures, OMV offers a series of services ranging from helping with choice, negotiating a supply of support, and supervising the works or the “turnkey” delivery of the entire manufactured product.
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“Gruppo Zeta” Member
Consortium of manufacturers of zootechnical equipment and systems.
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“API” Member
Reggio Emilia Association of Small and Medium-sized Businesses
Engineering & know-how
OMV is an industrial firm of international scope with over 30 employees and 50 years experience. An entrepreneurial soul devoted to development and innovation. The business management of the various departments is a reflection of this mark; from the technical and development department of the production area, from assembly to storage, all the stages are ready to meet, in the best possible way, our three main requirements:

- flexibility in processing requests,

- prompt manufacturing,

- final product inspection.
Quality products
The OMV production program includes a wide range of products divided into the following sectors:
Systems and accessories
for modern zootechnics
Metallic structures for building stalls, haybarns, barns, Resting stall dividers, Automatic cattle yokes, Cleaning systems, Storage and treatment of effluents, Various equipment, Cages and cubicles for calves, bale holders, free stabling cattlesheds and fixed cattlesheds.
Ball joints and accessories
for irrigation and drainage
Ball joints, Pipe unions, Wellpoint systems, Galvanised collectors, Piping, Curves, Stoppers, etc.
Clamps and Accessories
Vast range for the construction of metallic tube structures, greenhouses and DIY quick assemble-disassemble buildings.
Customer service
Competition on all the markets, national and international, has taught us how to speak with dealers and distributors with the best efficiency.

The customer is never left alone, but can count on the answer of an expert engineer regarding any kind of problem.
Thanks to an ever-present marketing team at exhibitions, OMV is well known and appreciated in every corner of the world.

Contributing to our high reputation, we make various announcements in the industry’s leading journals as well as an ongoing contribution by editors ever ready to highlight our company news and events.

Finally, the OMV web-site is an important information and dialogue platform with its entire user public.
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